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Hi there! My name is Jim Buckland. I am a Certified Hypnotist. I received Certifications in Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis from Steven Lavell, The National Guild of Hypnosis (The worlds largest hypnosis organization), and the Hypnosis Motivational Institute. Additional studies from Geoff Ronning at The Stage Hypnosis Center at

I have over  twenty years of experience. My practice was in Maryland U.S.A. for twelve years. During these 12 years of conducting Hypnotherapy my clients have quit smoking, lost weight, overcome phobias, and increased their level of motivation which resulted in more productivity and more satisfaction with their lives. I then relocated to Winter Haven Florida U.S.A. eight years ago. While in Winter Haven Florida I have concentrated on sports hypnosis and COMEDY STAGE HYPNOSIS. I am continuing with helping people quit smoking, loosing weight, Stress management motivation and more.


Jim Buckland Certified Hypnotist

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